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Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

We are at the core of everything we do, it's not the only thing we do. We're problem solvers, thinkers and entrepreneurs. We have a culture that thrives and passion for what we do every day.

CodeEncrypt is a software solutions company, experienced and proven in Developing, Deploying and supporting enterprise software solutions.

We are providing a wide spectrum of IT services with high level of specialization and deliverable quality specialization & deliverable quality, which help increase productivity and reduce costs. We offer deep technical knowledge, proven expertise, and global insight to help organizations manage IT risk, performance.

Our Services

Web Development

CodeEncrypt are a team of experienced and dedicated web designers and developers, who will devote themselves to make your dreams come true! For class and the quality encapsulated under one roof, you can put your complete trust into us!

Software Development

CodeEncrypt has full trust on its highly-skilled developers who have proved their skills again and again. The company has an experience of more than 2 years, and these years have brought us invaluable knowledge and expertise.


WordPress today is the most popular open source content management system (CMS) to create websites and blogs for simple and easy to use business. CodeEncrypt is every Customers ultimate choice for developing top-notch websites.

Mobile App Development

To get the best mobile app, you always need to find out the best Mobile Application Development company. CodeEncrypt is a renowned IT solution company that has the best developers of mobile application. Whenever you feel to getting the app, think of us.

E-commerce Solutions

Our ecommerce specialist team designs and develops an ecommerce website in such a way so that it can stand out from other available portals in today’s competitive market. Normally we use two most popular open source platform Opencart and Magento to build an standard ecommerce website.

CRM Solutions

CodeEncrypt has helped a lot of business with complete CRM solution. The solutions provided by our experienced professionals helps to synchronize and automate business processes. We offer an extensive range of CRM development solutions as per the requirement of the business.


We strongly believe that the only thing that speaks about an organization more than its portfolio is its culture and its people. Therefore, we desire to create an ecosystem in which everyone can proper as an individual as well as a team. We consider their progress as our success which eventually turns to the client’s delight, Because Teamwork Make the Dream Work.

We feel blessed to have such incredible leaders on our team, who have stuck by us since the beginning, literally through thick and thin. Our talent pool, guided by the experienced players makes for the best staff. We believe that happy people are the most efficient and therefore that is what we strive for. Our efforts are complimented by their passion for the work that we do here.

Even though we indulge in tags such as senior and subordinate, they only correspond to positive things in the organization. We have an open door policy is in place to ensure that no one feels left out or under-valued. If you have a good idea, we will appreciate it. We want everyone to grow with us and we are ready to work for it with your help.


We ask questions, put ourselves in your shoes and analyze your project with a combined mindset – yours and ours. What type of user base will you have? How did you come across your unique idea? Are you able to see the bigger picture from scratch? Once we have all our doubts answered, we are likely to move on with a sturdy foundation.


Before we hop on to any details, we prefer brainstorming. Once you speak your heart out to us, we make it our responsibility to get on to the requirements and work towards the project success. And successful strategy is the key to perfection so we aim to strategize in a step-by-step manner. We clarify your needs, outline the process and define objectives in order to work with a measurable impact.


Now that the project is completed and released successfully, we are happy for you. But there might be situations when you face the urge to make changes in the line or ask for maintenance with any new upgrade in your product. Do not worry, in such times, we assure not to leave your hand. We’ll converse, understand and implement the features that you feel are needed in your business dream. You’ll get all the desired services required to maintain and support your product right here.

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